Internal Frame Backpack

hiking backpackHave you noticed that there is a certain backpack that is used by campers and hikers? You often see them used by campers on television shows. Everything that a camper needs seems to fit in these kinds of bags. It is the kind that is really huge and long. These backpacks are called internal frame backpacks.

Features and Benefits

This large type of backpack has been invented in 1967 by a man named Greg Lowe. Greg is the founder of Lowe Alpine and Lowepro, both of which are well known manufacturers of bags and carrying cases. Greg designed a backpack that is especially designed for active outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Just like the name of the bag suggests, Greg put in frames inside the bag. These frames are made of strips of metals, plastics and sometimes titanium. The frames are designed to help the wearer of the backpack to carry the load by evenly distributing the weight of the load on the wearer’s back. This will eliminate pains on certain parts of a wearer’s back. The distribution is especially helpful to campers who are carrying heavy loads. Imagine the amount of back pain they would experience is they only use a normal backpack.

The frame allows the wearer to withstand heavy loads because of the weight distribution it provides. This is why these backpacks are unusually large. They provide enough space for the maximum weight that a wearer can withstand. Campers can definitely make use of this feature because these bags allow them to carry a lot of equipments. If the equipment is too large to fit inside, there is an option to tie it securely outside the bag. There are straps from which objects can be tied securely to.

Stability is the next thing that the frames provide for the internal frame backpack. The items within the backpack will be held in place by the frame. This means that they will not shake or move around when the wearer is moving around. These backpacks are equipped with straps and compartments that are designed to hold their load in place. This is extremely beneficial to active wearers. They can run around, bend over and move from side to side without having to worry about the items in their backpack.

Lastly, the frames are contoured to fit the back of most wearers. This allows the bag to stay as close to the wearer’s body as closely as possible. This will give better balance and stability to wearers because their internal frame backpack will not move around as much. They can perform extreme activities such as climbing rocky surfaces and jumping across gaps without losing their balance or fearing that their bag will fall off their backs. However, this close fit does not allow ventilation to the wearer’s back. Often, they suffer from discomfort and sweating from their backs.

These are not your everyday type of backpacks. Obviously, these were designed for outdoor activities. Everything that an outdoor enthusiast can wish for from a backpack is present in internal frame backpacks. If you are one of these people, you should consider purchasing one for your next outdoor experience.

Backpacks in the Market

There are a few manufacturers of backpacks that offer internal frame features. Lowe Alpine, founded by the inventor himself, is one of the famous brands that offer these backpacks. Teton, High Sierra, Kelty, North Face and Jansport are amongst the famous backpack brands that offer internal framing. These backpacks can come in different styles and colors, so you will definitely find one that will fit your preference. The price of these bags can range from $90 to $150, depending on the brand and specific features that come with the bag. They might be a little pricy, but their comforts and benefits are certainly worth every dollar.

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